iPhone multitasking: Call me when I am ready or go to hell

very informative post on roughly drafted but sounds awfully like a Jobs’s sales pitch.

iPhone will not be able to run multiple apps or worse even one background task.

Now why not let the user decide which apps to run and when. isnt that simple? let me close an app through a task manager type interface. or warn me to minimize an app at my risk. as a user if i am really into a messaging application i want to run it no matter what Steve Jobs thinks is best for me.

a phone is a communication device. and the most important part of being a communication tool is to enable others to get in touch with me when they please NOT when I am staring at my phone. thats like you only have voice mail and your phone never rings and people can call you only when your “call me” app is active.

it is a serious handicap. the most popular applications on a phone are likely to be those that enable communication not enterprise report viewers. Hope Apple has the good sense to update this before the 2.0 firmware is final.


f**k iTunes

i felt like creating this ringtone for my iPhone. a really simple one. and i had this track in my library which is nothing but a simple phone ringing (something which i have been searching forever). when i select that to ‘Create a Ringtone’ it says ‘Only songs from iTunes Store can be used to create ringtones’. Now making money is a good thing but this is stealing. I say f**k Apple!

just how bad is vista

no i dint create this blog to sling shit at microsoft. although i can’t see whats stopping me from doing just that.

i bought this new sony vaio about six months back with vista business and everything. really excited about the next gen os from folks who have been doing this since eternity only to get incredibly frustrated and give it up in favor of a macbook. Macbook black after a student discount, a ram upgrade, a copy of parallels & mac office 08 (can’t do without that in the civilized world) i was out by about over 2 Gs.

mind you, i am not one of your ‘apple fanboys’. m a first time mac user. also a developer i never before entertained the thought of a mac simply because it seemed impossible to switch over to a new os with all the development tools and everything.

but looks like redmond is getting better at creating shittier software! and the parallels vm helped the decision. now m running xp in parallels. and i am happy. i would be ecstatic if entourage (outlook on mac) dint keep crashing every time i woke up the machine.

by now i hope you have guessed the moral of the story – dont buy vista! xp is far better. or if you really want a next gen os, get leopard.

have a nice life!