fuck yahoo mail

i am getting sick of this shit.

every few days, outlook downloads my entire yahoo inbox. this time i deleted the new mails and because i had checked ‘remove mail when deleted from the computer’ it got erased from my yahoo account.

yahoo is fucking POP. wtf kind of email service runs POP these days. i pay these mtherfkers 20 bucks this year only to loose my email.

a few days back i switched my computers and configured outllook and forgot to check ‘leave a copy on the server’. so again my entire inbox got deleted.

hotmail was better i think. gmail is excellent it is imap.

fuck yahoo mail!


Microsoft -> Microsoft!

for $44B, thats an expensive exclamation mark.

microsoft is shit scared that yahoo’s dwindling fortunes may attract google. but its hard to see why all of ms’s brilliant mbas and lawayers couldn’t come up with better hedges against that. ms is buying yahoo’s decreasing market share for 100 truckloads of dollars only to loose it back to G.

i bet there’s a crazy party going on somewhere deep in googleplex…

world’s favorite company?

NyTimes screenshotCheckout this screenshot of nytimes. look at stories in the technology section. notice something odd?? well, they are all about google.

now looks like nytimes has something going on with google (notice web search through google). or is it that the editors realized that readers love to read every stupid thing about google – including sergey brin’s love affair with the iphone. is google the ‘the world’s favorite tech company’?